Clearfx System

Our Clear-FX Automotive Refinishing System™ consists of our clear coat restoration process – Clear-FX Restoration™, our specially tailored paint restoration process – Clear-FX Paint™, and our finish protectant – Clear-FX Protect™. This System is a permanent, professionally hand-applied, refinishing process which ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without paint chips and blemishes and a quality protective finish.  Thus, in three simple steps a cars blemishes are filled, its old shine restored, and its new look protected.  The Clear-FX Automotive Refinishing System effectively renovates the entire body of a given vehicle.  In other words, used cars look like new

Clear-FX Restoration™
Permanently Repair: 

- Scratches Swirl Marks Oxidation

- Fading

Protect Against:

-  Further fading

-  Road salt

-  Oxidation

-  Scratches

-  Adverse weather, and more.

Clear-FX Paint™

Permanently Repair:

- Large rock chips

- Road damage (“road rash”)

- Minor abrasions and deeper scuffs

Fluidly Achieve:

- A smooth finish

- Consistent, flush appearance

Effortlessly Avoid:

- A “peppered” hood

- Globs of paint


Clear-FX Protect™
Protect Against:

- Scratches – Oxidation

- Fading = Road Salt

Ensure Lasting:

-  Shine

-  Coloration


Island Recon Long Island, NY

Island Recon Long Island, NY